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“Tulsky Promyshlennik” Bank. 24-Hour Surveillance System Based on Beward BD75-5 for Perimeter Monitoring.

Sistema Traid Ltd, a design and installation company

Contact information:
Director: Shalashnikov Dmitry Aleksandrovich
Tel.: (4872) 25-22-04, 25-22-05
Address: 87 Lenina ave, office 14, Tula, Russia

The mission:
Replace the existing out-of-date surveillance system by building the most up-to-date 24-hour surveillance system to monitor bank perimeter.

The equipment used for the project:
 •  The BD75-5 (5 pcs)
 •  The xxxx-B220 option, which is an outdoor wiring closet with a 220 V power supply unit inside.

Advantages of the selected equipment:
Beward BD75-5 delivers high-quality H.264 image both in the day and night time. It offers an auto-focus lens with 36x optical and 12x digital zoom and ensures superior quality images, which allows the camera to zoom in on small and distant objects as well as to cover a wide area with wide angle view. The BD75-5 can be used under harsh environmental conditions (-40 to +60°С).

The wiring closet with a microclimate system offers excellent opportunities for a surveillance system to be expanded or modernized for client’s needs such as:

 •  Addition of protection against voltage spikes
 •  Addition of back-up power solutions
 •  Addition of active network equipment (including wireless equipment)
 •  Addition of extra units and modules

Rotary switches, which are placed inside the wiring closet, provide easy connection to a 220 V power source.


The BD75-5 installed outdoor:

Images from the BD75-5:

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