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About Us

BEWARD Ltd was established in 2004 as a developer and manufacturer of IP cameras. During its existence Beward has succeeded in adopting international practices for IP cameras and reduced their cost as much as possible. Nowadays, our company has gained reputation for being a reliable supply partner for surveillance products to installation companies and trading firms.

Our mission

We protect our customers by manufacturing high-quality and reliable products.

Beward in security market

Beward Ltd is a manufacturer of professional surveillance products that are successfully applied for security purposes.

We are neither focused on cheap and inferior quality IP products that many online stores offer to their customers, nor on entertainment products, which are not intended for professional purposes. We manufacture a wide range of products suitable for various operating conditions. All Beward outdoor cameras are tested in severe weather conditions.

Our highly experienced team provides technical support service and advises clients on technical issues.

Beward is always flexible to clients’ requirements, which means that we provide an opportunity for our clients to promptly and effectively adapt our products to each client’s needs.

Our overall goals

 •  We always improve quality of our products and uphold its level in accordance with the highest world standards.
 •  We provide technical support for our products to ensure their reliable operation over the lifetime.

We achieve these goals by

 •  Manufacturing the competitive and reliable products that meet our clients’ expectations.
 •  Using modern materials and high-quality component parts produced by the world’s leading manufacturers.
 •  Intensive multi-stage process of testing of all manufactured products before we deliver them to the clients.
 •  Attracting highly qualified professionals and increasing their professional skills.
 •  Cooperating with our clients and suppliers of component parts for improving quality of our products based on data analysis and ongoing improvements.

Benefits of BEWARD IP-based solutions

The surveillance systems (including mixed systems) based on Beward N1000 series cameras consume 20-30% less bandwidth than other surveillance systems, which allow streaming high-quality video in low-bandwidth networks (including wireless networks) and easily integrate Beward products into existing local networks. Moreover, Beward IP-based surveillance systems deliver images that are up to 20-30% more qualitative than the standards require and require 30% less disk space to save data.

Beward Features:

 •  All Beward products are suitable for professional surveillance systems
 •  We offer tomorrow’s solutions today
 •  We do not overrate specifications of our products just to gain in the short term. All the technical specifications were thoroughly examined so that all Beward products work according to their specifications
 •  We can adapt our software to our clients’ requirements
 •  Most leading surveillance software developers support Beward products
 •  The rejection rate is less that 1% as all Beward products are thoroughly examined before we deliver them to clients

Benefits of Collaboration with Beward:

We are a manufacturing company that:

 •  Adapts the manufactured products to any market:
  I. To any environment conditions
  II. To any power requirements
  III. Ability to adapt a certain product to client’s needs
  IV. Providing a large choice of accessories
 •  Provides efficient technical support. If the problem has a solution, we will solve it
 •  Quickly solves any problems
 •  Allows adapting the products to the clients’ requirements during the production phase

  • Moscow, tel: (495) 502-27-29, (495) 505-63-41
    Krasnoyarsk, tel: (391) 278-92-00, (391) 278-92-01, (391) 277-83-83 (fax)
    Hong Kong, tel: 00852-96669759
  • 117198, Moscow, 8 Mikluho-Maklaya st, bld. 3, office 336
    Opening hours: 9-00 a.m. - 6-00 p.m. Closed on: Saturday, Sunday

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